Police Seek Help In Identifying 'Buckeye Bandit'


The FBI and local police are asking for help identifying a suspect in bank robberies in central Ohio who they've dubbed the "Buckeye Bandit."

Authorities held a Friday morning briefing on the history of the case and developments in the robberies that happened between 2013 and this year.

Investigators say the individual they're seeking is a suspect in more than 20 robberies in Columbus, Gahanna, Worthington and Upper Arlington and near Ohio State University.

It's not clear how the robber has managed to elude investigators for so long.

“In most robberies he doesn't try to conceal his face, and he’s wearing a ball cap,” said Special Agent Tom Gill of the FBI.

Gill said that he usually points a gun at a clerk and demands money. He then grabs the cash and flees from the building.

There have been no witnesses that have spotted the “Buckeye Bandit” leaving a scene. Police say they don’t know if he uses a getaway car.

They say they are determined to track him down.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS. A $5,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest.




  9/24/13            9:20 am        Huntington Bank             235 W. 11th Ave.         
  9/18/13     10:38 am    CVS        933 Bethel Rd.
  9/26/13      9:35 am    Huntington Bank        235 W. 11th Ave.
  10/17/13      3:54 pm    Chase Bank        186 Graceland Blvd.
  10/26/13      8:44 am    CVS        933 Bethel Rd.
  10/31/13      2:04 pm    Wes Banco Bank        116 Stygler Rd.
  11/30/13      8:09 am    Cooper State Bank           1669 W. 5th Ave.
  12/6/13     10:00 am    Wes Banco Bank        116 Stybler Rd.
  12/23/13     9:40 am    Huntington Bank        1600 Bethel
    1/6/14     8:06 am    Cooper State Bank        5090 North High St.
    1/7/14     5:00 pm    First Community Bank          2121 Bethel
   1/30/14    10:26 am    Fifth Third Bank        4080 North High St.
    2/1/14     6:38 pm    CVS        933 Bethel
    2/3/14     3:19 pm    Farmers Citizen Bank        5858 North High St.
   2/10/14    10:24 am    Farmers Citizen Bank        5858 North High St.
   2/11/14     9:09 am    US Bank        5020 North High St.
   3/20/14     9:20 am    Huntington Bank        1600 Bethel 
   4/10/14     9:45 am    Farmers Citizen Bank        5858 North High St.
    5/3/14     9:39 am    Fifth Third Bank        4080 North High St.
    7/9/14     9:10 am    SMART Federal Credit Union            3454 North High St.            
   1/12/15     7:24 am    Cooper State Bank        5811 Sawmill Road
   1/31/15    10:21 am    Wright Patt Credit Union        3134 North High St.
   1/31/15    12:31 pm    Huntington Bank            4661 Reed Road



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