Police: Man overdoses in car with child in backseat

North Smithfield Police Department

Police in Rhode Island took a photo of a man who overdosed and it went viral.

A picture shared by North Smithfield police shows the scene last week - a man slumped over the wheel, a baby in the backseat – police say he was overdosing.

"They administered several doses of Narcan to bring him back to consciousness, which they did,” North Smithfield Police Captain Tim Lafferty said.

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Lafferty said it took four doses of Narcan to revive 33-year-old Michael Krajczynski, who now faces a charge of child neglect.

While he didn’t want to talk about the specifics of the case, Krajczynski said he wishes he could take back what happened.

"My wife and kids don't deserve anything like that. I'm distraught you know, things of that nature, this isn't a thing for me its not the norm to say the least,” he said.

Police said Krajczynski told them he took two pills thinking they were percocets.

"We're assuming there was a high dose of fentanyl,” Lafferty said.

Lafferty said they shared the photo of Krajczynski to bring awareness to the opioid crisis.

"If it weren't for the due diligence of those officers administering Narcan at that time, he probably would have passed away,” he said.

Police said Krajczynski would not be facing charges if his baby had not been in the backseat because he was not driving at the time and there were no other drugs.