Police investigating uptick in crimes near Ohio State University


The Columbus Division of Police said it's investigating a significant spike in burglaries and robberies in the off-campus neighborhoods just east of Ohio State University.

Police said between August 28 and September 10, officers received 22 burglary reports. That's a 106 percent increase over the average number of reports in a two week period.

Case in point, police investigated only 12 burglary reports during the two weeks before students returned to class. The burglaries are scattered in off-campus housing neighborhoods east of Neil Avenue and High Streets.

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On September 9, one student said he and several of his roommates were home and wide awake upstairs when someone broke into their house in the 200 block of East 16th.

The culprits stole a large flat screen TV and a gaming system. The student said he found out when a roommate woke him the next morning with bad news.

Columbus Division of Police Commander Jennifer Knight said in most of the burglary incidents, thieves gained access to homes through unlocked doors.

"No matter what the reason, whether you're going to be in your house or not, make sure your doors and windows are locked," said Commander Knight. "If you're going away for a few days, on a weekend, and you love it, take it with you."

Brendan said he and his roommates are now using a security system, and staying on top of each other to lock up before they leave.

"We want to make sure it does not happen again," said Brendan.