Police identify man taken into custody after SWAT barricade situation in west Columbus

(Photo: Lacey Crisp / WBNS-10TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police have identified the suspect who was taken into custody following a SWAT barricade situation in west Columbus.

Columbus police and SWAT responded to the scene of a man barricaded inside a home off of Eakin Road.

Around 2:30 p.m. Monday, neighbors called police after hearing several shots being fired.

According to police, the suspect, identified as 49-year-old John McGill, fired shots at officers and continued to fire shots after SWAT arrived. Police did not shoot at the suspect.

In an update shortly after 6 p.m., police say SWAT deployed gas into the home and took McGill into custody. He was being charged with felonious assault against officers, according to police.

No injuries have been reported.

Watch — Columbus police provide an update on the SWAT situation after a suspect was taken into custody:

Police had evacuated all surrounding residents from the apartments.

Several schools were placed on lockdown earlier and have since been lifted.

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