Police: Grandview High School Shooting Threat Named Specific Students


The Grandview Heights Police Department says their investigation into threats made online toward students at Grandview Heights High School has unveiled new information.

Police said the investigation has revealed information that the shooting threat named specific students and they could possibly be the target of future violence.

“I was shocked. We have never had anything like this in Grandview before. I attended the school,” said Geri Applegate, who is the parent of a junior at the school.

Grandview Heights Police said in a written statement that the new information is deeply concerning their top priority is the safety of students and staff.

“Some names came about to the staff at the school. It was passed on to us. Those students and parents have been notified,” said Officer Janna Cohill of the Grandview Heights Police.

The list of names were given to detectives less than 24 hours after they searched the student’s bedroom where they found a homemade smoke bomb.

“They had the road blocked off and they had the bomb squad here obviously,” said Dave Starner who lives a few doors down from the home that was searched.

Starner says he knows the family to be good neighbors.

“They are good people. Good parents. They work hard. They are just like the rest of us,” said Starner.

As for the student, Starner says he kept to himself and rarely saw him start trouble.

“Good kid,” Starner said. “Quiet. Didn't really say much. Goes to school, does his thing.”

Police say the investigation is ongoing. They are asking any students who may have additional information regarding the investigation to please report it to the school’s faculty or the police department.