Police caution homeowners "back door" burglaries are on the rise


CrimeTracker 10 only had to visit one Columbus home to find a rear window left open and a sliding glass door left unlocked.

Columbus Police Officer Chris Riley said it's important to keep in mind the warmer weather also appeals to burglars who are banking on your false sense of security.

CrimeTracker 10 obtained recent Columbus police burglary reports which reveal at least 16-cases of crooks breaking into a home through a rear window or a back door, Including sliding glass doors and patio doors.

Officer Riley said most of the so-called back door burglaries happened between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

"This peaks at 1 in the afternoon, so, unfortunately, a lot of people are at work," said Officer Riley.

Police reports reveal burglars had an easy time pulling off a successful back door burglary in north Columbus where four victims left their rear doors or windows unlocked.

Officer Riley said the simple act of locking your door can convince a crook to move on to the next house. Officer Riley also suggested investing in a doorstop or latch that makes it impossible to open the door even if a burglar smashes the lock.

Police said some homeowners are going one step further and installing a protective film on doors and windows.

In 2015, CrimeTracker 10 teamed up with a company called Sun Block Window Film to put the protective film to the test. It took six crushing strikes from a ball bat to break to begin to break through the glass.

"It still breaks, but it's harder for bad guys to actually get into a home," explained Officer Riley. "As a general rule, they're going to go where it's easiest and if you're home is a harder target, there's probably a easier one down the street."