Police Bicycle Patrol Pedals Ahead Despite Snow, Frigid Weather


Despite the snow, the Columbus police bike patrol is still pedaling around the OSU Campus to help keep you safe.

This group of Columbus police officers say they patrol the area on their bicycles, no matter the conditions outside.

Despite the cold and snow, these dedicated Columbus police officers are geared up and ready to go.

It's a special kind of patrol and, they admit, it takes a special breed of people to take on the task.

They know they have a job to do and they're not letting mother nature get in the way.

“In this kind of weather, it would be our option whether we rode or not, but I think we get around better than the cruisers do in this kind of weather” said Columbus Police Sgt. Patrick Shaffer.

Riding along the roads near The Ohio State University’s campus, they find a car with its trunk propped open.

It could be a careless error or lead to a much larger crime. Either way, it's their job to check it out.

“That's the great part of our job and that's why the guys love it, is because you have more interaction with the citizens that way,” said Sgt. Shaffer.

Sergeant Patrick Shaffer says that interaction results in good leads and sometimes, even catching criminals in the act.

They say the snow won't stop them and neither will the cold.

They tell us they're out to lend a helping hand, when need be and respond to calls, as they're trained to do.

“It's great. It's the best job in the city out here,” said Sgt. Shaffer.

Sgt. Shaffer says they also do wellness checks for college students, who may be in danger in the cold, as well as for homeless people, to help find them a shelter for the night.

They say all that riding keeps them warm.

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