Pole Fitness: Fun, full-body workouts that are becoming more mainstream


Forget what you think you know about it. What some may associate with adult entertainment has become a popular mainstream workout.

Carolyn Cull teaches pole fitness classes at Studio Rouge in Columbus and says the sport has grown a lot.

"(There’s) more awareness to this sport now. People are more comfortable and more excited to try it," Cull said.

And it's an empowering workout that targets your entire body.

Cull said, "I think people realize that you can get a really great workout using your own body strength. You're building upper body, you're building core, you're getting a cardio workout as well. But, it's different. It's not your average gym workout. It's never boring
because there's always a challenge."

You can burn more than 800 calories in an hour.

Tammy Yee took her first pole fitness class four years ago, and she's been hooked ever since.

"I definitely feel like I got a good full body workout. It was really upper body intensive and I'm a little out of breath. So not only is it a strength workout but it's cardio as well," Yee said.

Both women agree, finding an activity you love can be the key to sticking with a fitness routine.

"I think you have to really love what you're doing to stay committed to it," Cull explained. "I'm not a gym-goer. It always feels like work for me to go to the gym, and I think that's the difference here. It doesn't feel like work, it feels like fun. It feels like you're learning something different, something new, the energy is really good and the next day, you realize you're sore, that you did work a lot of muscles."

This type of workout is more like vertical gymnastics and it's on track to one day become an Olympic sport.

"We just earned our 'observer status' to the Olympics, so, our big hope is that, maybe in 2024 or 2028 it would be an Olympic sport," Cull said.

Until then, competing in the Arnold Sports Festival is the top of the game. Cull has co-chaired the Pole Fitness events at the Arnold for the past five years. You can get inspired watching this year's competition.

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