Play Brings Powerful Anti-Bullying Message To Teens


Fighting, Kicking, Teasing, Smacking, Dissing, Swearing.

They are words used in ‘The Weight Of Words.’

The 30-minute production includes two dozen students from five area high schools.

The said even though this play is on a stage, bullying is very real and very raw. That’s why they emphasize the weight of words, actions and images.

Carrie Gilchrist is the artistic director of Lovewell Institute For Creative Arts. Her company is helping students across the country with the help of a grant from Florida.

“This idea is to bring students together, to be creative, to solve issues that are actually occurring in their everyday life. I think is very powerful,” said Gilchrist.

The story was written by students and for students.

The 18-year-old who played the main bully in the play said the piece moved him.

“I honestly cried before, when we performed this because I'm a bully from the start of the play to the end. From the start of the play, I'm punching the gay kid and, then I end up killing him,” said Jordan Rodriguez.

“People should be treated as a person and not some outcast or different,” said Yasmine Al-Sahsah, Hilliard Bradley.

The group of teens will be performing ‘The Weight Of Words’ at a state thespian conference in early March.

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