Pit Bull Owner Says She Was Targeted By Reynoldsburg Police


The debate over pit bull ownership in one Central Ohio community continues.

A Reynoldsburg pit bull owner is furious and speaking out after Reynoldsburg Police cited her after she appeared on 10TV.

10TV first spoke with Jennifer Ingmire last week as city leaders prepared to consider lifting a more than decade old breed ban.

Ingmire said that fight just got more difficult for her family and pit bull mix named Cheyanne.

The sweet and curious seven-year-old dog loves to give her human companion kisses, and explore the world of toys with Ingmire's 3 year-old daughter Gemma.

But Ingmire says she has been reeling for days after she received three citations that will cost her hundreds of dollars and a warning about the fate of Cheyanne.

She says she received those citations from a Reynoldsburg Police officer after 10TV's interview with her last week.

"I was told that I had seven days to get rid of her and that if I didn't I'd be cited," Ingmire said. "This is a member of my family, she's not vicious."

Regardless of Cheyanne's gentle temperament, she is a banned breed which is a violation of city code that's now being questioned by a city appointed committee looking into lifting the ban that deems all pit bulls as vicious.

Committee member Bruce Sowell wants the ban to stay in place.

"They'll tell you that it's their right to own a pit bull, this isn't about their right or anything, this is about public safety and it's about taxpayer dollars," Sowell said.

Sowell's voice will play a role in the final decision scheduled for mid-July.

In the meantime, Ingmire says she's preparing herself for the worst.

"I may have to move, you know I can't continue to pay citations every two weeks," Ingmire said.

The next opportunity for the public to weigh in on the vote is at the June 23rd City Council meeting scheduled 7:30 p.m. in Reynoldsburg.