Pit bull killed trying to protect family from intruder


A Michigan man is crediting his dog for saving his family after a gunman barricaded himself inside their home.

“He wasn’t a big pit bull,” homeowner Kyle Brown said. “He was only 40 pounds.”

He may have been small, but in those big moments, he was just what his family needed.

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That moment came Friday afternoon when a gunman running from a botched carjacking jumped Brown’s fence.

"As soon as I made eye to eye contact with him I could tell by the look in his eyes and by his intent, he was not at all mentally-- he knew what he was doing and it was an opportunity,” Brown said.

Petey, the two-year-old pit bull, felt the danger too and tried to attack the suspect.

"When the pit bull came out and encountered him he immediately pulled his gun out and shot him,” Brown said.

Petey was shot in the face but still chased the suspect into the next yard.

Police who had been searching for the suspect saw him jump the fence and shots began firing.

"The only thing I heard was boom boom boom boom, there were several gunshots,” Brown said.

Brown was holding Petey inside the home when he saw the suspect come back over the fence.

Brown’s 10-year-old son and his friend were in the home. As the suspect came up to the door, he tried to get everyone out.

"Once he got to the door he pulled for his gun and I'm communicating with Tommy, c'mon c'mon Tommy hurry up and unfortunately Tommy just froze up,” he said.

The friend became barricaded in the house with the suspect.

Hours later he was released. The suspect gave himself up soon after.

"Petey didn't make it but son you can't be upset with him. He not only saved my life but he saved our lives,” Brown said.

Police have not released the suspect’s name or the charges he is facing.