Pickerington company offers jobs to teens to earn money


The sound of shoveling snow, for some people, is a sound that makes them cringe.

It's a sound that reminds them of cold temperatures and having to work hard while clearing off the sidewalk or driveway.

Alec Hammer, 16, doesn't see it that way.

The sound of a snow shovel is the sound of money in his pocket.

"It's a nice, fun way to make money," he said.

The Pickerington Central sophomore has been hitting the pavement, this winter.

He works with Sno Mo. It's a company that gives local teens the chance to earn money while shoveling snow in the winter, mowing lawns in the summer and raking leaves in the fall.

In two years, Hammer says he's earned about $500.

"It's always good to have extra money," he said. "You can never have enough."

Sno Mo co-founder Demon Simpson says teens are earning something even more valuable than money.

"They're learning some money management skills," Simpson said. "They're not asking mom and dad for a dollar every time they want to do something. They got their own money."

Sno Mo is in its second year. Simpson says six teens are working anywhere from 10-12 jobs a month, this winter.

"It's not always about the money," Hammer said. "It makes me a little bit more responsible. I can have a little bit more money for myself and spend it on stuff I like."

Hammer says he's already saving for college.

To learn more about Sno Mo, including how to get involved, guidelines and frequently asked questions about the business, click here.