Pfizer recalls ThermacCare HeatWrap due to leakage that may cause skin injuries

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Pfizer issued a voluntary recall for ThermaCare HeatWraps, which provides relief from muscular aches and pains.

Six lots of the product have the potential to leak ingredients in the wrap.

Those leaks could cause burns, blisters and other skin irritation.

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The recalled lots are:

  • S68516 – Muscle Pain Therapy 3+1 count carton
  • T26686 – Muscle Pain Therapy 3 count carton
  • T26691 – Menstrual Pain Therapy 3 count carton
  • T26693 – Menstrual Pain Therapy 3+1 count carton
  • 8054HA and 8054HB – 11 count bundled packages contain one (1) package of Muscle Therapy Heatwraps, 8HR (3 Count) and two (2) packages of Joint Therapy Heatwraps, 8HR (4 Count)

The company notes that ThermaCare Joint Therapy Heatwraps, 8HR are not being recalled.

Patients who are using the products are urged to throw the product away without opening the foil pouch.

Full recall instructions provided by the FDA's website.

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