Perry Township police checking in on senior citizens amid coronavirus safety measures


PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The senior citizen population and the those with underlying health issues are at particular risk for the coronavirus. Many of them are trying to avoid even those essential trips to the grocery store.

One police department is making sure those residents are staying safe.

"We were trying to figure out how can we help some of our seniors, how can we help some of our shut-ins,” said Perry Township Police Chief John Petrozzi.

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You add your name to the list, and someone will knock on your door and make sure you are ok -- all while keeping distance.

“We will just see what you need. If you need someone to go get groceries. If you need a ride to a a doctor's appointment,” Petrozzi explained.

They'll work with their chaplain program to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

“They have all agreed to be our point people for those who need help. We'll be a liaison to the folks who need help,” Petrozzi said.

The chief says this check-in program is really an extension of their vacation program. One that he hopes will continue.

During this time of isolation and social distancing, residents are glad to know someone is there for them.

“Folks who don't have family members nearby or otherwise unable to go out and get things for themselves in this crisis,” said Perry Township resident Lexi and Bill Bickell.

“We're here to serve,” Chief Petrozzi said.

Perry Township police aren't immune to the virus. They have two of their officers under quarantine after one of them came into contact with someone with coronavirus. They are awaiting test results.

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