Permanent change coming for SR-315 southbound drivers


Starting Thursday at 9 PM, SR-315 southbound drivers will no longer be able to exit at Greenlawn Avenue. Instead, drivers coming from SR-315 south will have to use SR-104.

Traffic on the ramp from I-71 south to Greenlawn Avenue will switch to a temporary ramp Thursday night and drivers coming from I-70 to I-71 south will need to exit sooner to get off at Greenlawn Ave. Because of this change, there will not be enough time for SR-315 south drivers to safely merge right to exit.

This upcoming change is for safety, according to Nancy Burton with ODOT. Right now there are just over 1,200 feet to merge across two lanes. The ramp to Greenlawn Avenue has shifted, decreasing that merge distance to just 400 ft, so there isn't enough pavement coming from SR-315SB to safely merge across so many lanes of traffic to exit at Greenlawn Ave.

Although the new I-71 south to Greenlawn exit will be temporary, the change for SR-315 south drivers is permanent. Signs will be installed to prohibit drivers heading south on SR-315 from exiting at Greenlawn Ave.

Here's how traffic will be impacted Thursday night to make these changes.


  • 9 PM: SR-315 will be reduced to two lanes between I-70 and Greenlawn Avenue
  • 9 PM: I-70 east to I-71 south ramp closed.
  • Detour: I-70 east to SR-315 north to US-33 west to SR-315 south to I-71 south.
  • 9 PM: I-71 south to Greenlawn Avenue ramp closed.
  • Detour: I-71 south to SR-104 to I-71 north to Greenlawn Avenue.
  • 12 AM: I-70 west to I-71 south ramp closed.
  • Detour: I-70 west to SR-315 north to US-33 west to SR-315 south to I-71 south
  • 5 AM: All lanes and ramps open.