People discovering new talents while staying at home during pandemic

Wings / Photo Credit: Jim Frasure
Discovering new talents during a pandemic
Learning New Skills During Covid

Like most people, you may have discovered a new talent while being cooped up in the home during the coronavirus pandemic. Neighbors through Nextdoor reached out to 10TV's Angela An with pictures of how they have been filling their time.

Lori L. is a musician in the Eastfield neighborhood of south Columbus.

She said her band, HillbillySwitch, has not been able to get together because of social distancing guidelines so she decided to practice her artwork.

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“I’m starting to paint a little,” she said. “Mostly pencil sketches.”

Photo Credit: Lori L.

Shalyn S. said she has always been a baker since her mom had her own cake and candy business while growing up in southeast Ohio.

“It's really ratcheted up since being at home more,” Shalyn said of her baking. “I tried my hand this weekend at making ‘Less Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam,” she said proudly. She plans to share it with friends and neighbors.

Photo Credit: Shalyn S.

Jim Frasure, who lives in the Schumacher neighborhood of Nextdoor, says he has always liked cooking, but these days, he's whipping up meals to bring to his co-workers at the Lowe’s store in south Columbus.

Photo Credit: Jim Frasure

“I like to see people enjoy instead of being stressed out all day,” he said. “To hear them just go yum, this is perfect.”

His joy of being in the kitchen prompted him to branch out and try something he’s never used before, a sous vide. It's a technique where food is vacuum-sealed and cooked to a precise temperature in a water bath.

Photo Credit: Jim Frasure

“I’m like this is different,” Frasure said with a smirk. “You have to figure out weight and time, temperature and texture, and it’s like I’m seeing people cook for 24 hours and 48 hours!”

Photo Credit: Sonny

But he said he would not have it any other way. Cooking is his way of communicating with people.

“That’s what I do best is talk to people,” he adds.

Photo Credit: Jim Frasure
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