People camping out for Red, White & BOOM! offer advice ahead of the show

People arrive downtown ahead of Red, White and BOOM!

COLUMBUS, Ohio - People started camping out a day early for Red White and BOOM! and they have advice for people who plan on making it to the event this year.

Many people rushed downtown Tuesday trying to save their favorite spots. They placed their cones down along with wagons full of food, drinks, caution tape or lawn chairs.

Kim Starr said she has been coming to the show for 32 years.

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For the past ten years, she has sat in the same spot at Bicentennial Park. She said it overlooks the bridge and it is right by the food and the restrooms.

Her advice for people who plan on watching the show is to make sure the spot is right next to everything that would be needed.

Many people bring their own food, but there are salty and sweet options at the concession stands that some say are a must.

For example, most of the people who have come every year say the gyros, fries, pizza, elephant ears and funnel cakes are a good choice.

For those who plan on coming long before the event starts, it is a good idea to have plenty of water, snacks, clothes for all weather conditions, and something comfortable to sit on.

As for where to park, many of the people 10TV spoke with said finding an open meter downtown nearby is an option or park far away from the event and walk.

The most common advice is to come early and to be patient from beginning to end.

The firework show starts at 10 p.m. Wednesday.