Peanut protein capsule approved by the FDA panel


Food without fear thanks to a newly approved oral immunotherapy for people with peanut allergy.

In mid-September, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel approved a treatment using a peanut protein capsule known as “AR101."

Dr. Roger Friedman said it’s a major breakthrough in allergy.

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“What this will allow is a desensitization meaning making a person with the allergen, less allergic to the peanut protein so that if he or she would inadvertently ingest some, there wouldn’t be a sort of life-threatening reaction," he said.

Patients are under intense observation: the first round of therapy requires six-hour appointment followed by weekly hourlong visits for the protein.

Each visit includes an increase—or up-dose—of the peanut protein. Patients remain under supervision for an hour to monitor for any reaction.

The FDA panel approved the use of the capsule which is in a pre-weighed capsule. Patients should thoroughly discuss their options with their specialist.

Dr. Friedman said the FDA has not yet approved it, but that the agency usually sides with their panel’s decisions.