Pataskala Residents Concerned Over Malfunctioning Tornado Siren


Some people who live in Pataskala were on edge Saturday about what may, or may not, happen the next time severe weather strikes.

They wanted to know why the city can't seem to fix a malfunctioning emergency siren. The siren has been going off all hours of the morning, day and night.

Jennifer, who didn't want to reveal her last name, told 10TV that the siren went off at 4:45 a.m., 4:50 a.m., 4:55 a.m., and several more times throughout the morning Saturday.

"It's nerve-wracking, you don't know if there is actually something coming, or what's going on," Jennifer said.

10TV spoke with others in the Pataskala neighborhood, who were equally as bothered.

"We watch the siren go around and around. Our 2-year-old is, 'It's too loud,' and he's running around like this (hands over his ears)," Jaqualia Leonard said.

This sound is different than the typical tornado siren; it's been going off sporadically since July 10.

According to Pataskala city councilwoman Melissa Gibson, it's the result of a faulty control board.

"We thought we had the issue resolved, and the contractor came out and replaced the board, and for 34 hours it worked great," Gibson said.

10TV did a story this past fall after a tornado warning was issued for the area, but the Freedom Park siren and another siren in the community, failed to alert residents. At that time, 10TV was told that the problem would be fixed.

Gibson said the problem was fixed and the siren was working properly until recently.

Gibson said the city disabled the siren until a contractor can come out, which will happen Monday, at the earliest.

The city has included information on the outage on its Facebook page.

If there is severe weather, city leaders are urging people to watch weather reports on local media.