Pataskala Goodwill accused of marking up prices, throwing away donations


PATASKALA, Ohio - Just off Broad Street in Pataskala a Goodwill is getting some bad testaments.

In a recent post to Facebook, a woman calls out the store claiming it's marking up items more than retail value. She also claims her donated items were thrown in the Dumpster by the staff.

Lisa Baker is the vice president of communications for Licking Knox Goodwill. She says every item is carefully inspected while employees are looking at conditions. Baker says even though it's policy to not throw anything out sometimes it has to be done.

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"Sometimes it's a safety issue," she said. "Where something may not look like something we should touch, so sometimes those go to the Dumpster when it's really difficult to tell."

Instances include if something was rained on or soiled. She says that happens with after hour drop-offs. One of the woman's pictures shows what appears to be a baby gate. Baker says those kinds of items cannot be accepted by Goodwill.

"It's very difficult for us to track the gamut of recalled items to make sure it's safe and the last thing we want to do is put an item out there that could hurt a child," Baker said.

As for prices, Baker says it's subjective.

"We give guidelines but they're kind of broad because you never know what kind of donation is going to come in," she said.

Baker says it depends on the item, like what's popular and brand names. It could also be the price gun, she says, saying maybe it was set wrong. She also says with 500 employees, sometimes the message gets lost in translation. Either way, she says it's not intentional.

"It is not the purpose at all," she said. "It just happens sometimes and we do try and correct that when we go through and we spot check our stores."

And while Baker says training is a constant at Goodwill, some people on Facebook say with high prices and donation issues, it's making them think twice about where they want to take their donations.

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