Pat Tiberi opens up about his reasons for leaving congress

Pat Tiberi (WBNS-10TV)

Seventeen-year veteran Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi (R) is retiring from his seat in the 12th District in early January.

On Friday, he sat down with us and said the grind of being at home only on weekends and the struggles of trying to get things done in a highly-partisan Congress have taken their toll.

The 54-year-old son of Italian immigrants says a recent family tragedy also weighed on his decision. Tiberi’s mother died from cancer last month after being diagnosed with leukemia only 10 days earlier. He also says his father’s in poor health.

Tiberi is taking a job as president of the Ohio Business Roundtable. It’s a think tank made up of CEO’s from Ohio’s biggest and most influential businesses. As he looks back on his time in office, Tiberi says he’s most proud of the work he was able to accomplish for the everyday citizens in the 12th District.

“Saving that veteran’s home that was going to get taken from the VA, or getting that widow the check she was being denied by Social Security, or getting that passport for a constituent who had a mission trip paid for but couldn’t go,” Tiberi said.

His advice for his successor?

“Don’t forget where you came from and don’t forget to help the people who live in your District who look at you as sometimes their last hope of getting things done,” Tiberi said.