Pastor Says He Was Saved From Burning Car By Angel


A local pastor survives a fiery crash after he said he was saved by what he can only describe as an angel.

"I didn't have an explanation," said Pastor John T. Boston.

Boston replays the events of April 25 in his head and has no idea how he's still here.

"A car veered into my lane from the other side," said Boston.

He swerved and crashed.

"I reached to unbuckle my seat belt but it wouldn't unlock," Boston said.  "It was just so hot in the car.  And I noticed the windshield was melting, it was dripping into the car."

Boston hit a pole, then the fence, and then a transformer fell on his car.

"Thousands upon thousands of bolts of electricity were running through the car," said Boston.

He had no idea at the time and had no idea how he was going to get out of the car.  He didn't realize it was consumed by flames.

"Somebody came and opened the door," said Boston.  "He was a short guy, kind of scruffy looking."

The man said his name was Johnny and asked if John was okay.

"He said, I can't be here when the police get here so I've got to go," Boston said.

Just like that, he was gone.

"We're just amazed, there's no reason that this guy was able to get in the car," said Boston's wife, Karla.

The shock she feels was echoed by rescue crews.

"I don't even know how you were able to survive it, you should have been consumed by the car, it was live," said Boston.

They still have no idea who Johnny was and John and Karla aren't questioning it.

"Angels can come in all kinds of forms and I just take it for what it is," said Boston.  "I accept there was some higher power working on my behalf."

Click here to view the video put together by Boston's daughter about his recovery and additional footage of his burnt vehicle.