Pastor Fights Church Over Forced Resignation Following Disorderly Conduct Plea


The Delaware County pastor who pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge could also be out of a job.

According to a complaint filed in Delaware County court, the leadership team of the Church at Polaris has requested Pastor Bennett Smith resign.

Smith and his son pleaded guilty to charges after they confronted a driver trying to cut through the church parking lot.

The court complaint alleges that Smith did resign last month at the leadership's team request. The church says that Smith then "revoked" his own resignation.

The complaint goes on to say that Smith allegedly then tried to fire a leadership team member and a church employee.

He's also accused of trespassing and telling a staff member to transfer a large amount of money from one of the church's account.

Earlier this week Smith and his son, Paul Smith, were fined $50 and court costs after the disorderly conduct pleas.

Neither Smith nor the church would comment to 10TV about the incidents.

Smith's attorney told 10TV that the complaint against his client was frivolous. He says Bennett Smith remains the operator of the Church of Polaris and did not resign.

He said that those who filed the complaint had no authority to do so.

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