Parents Threaten To Take School District Back To Court Over Busing Issues


Parents were threatening to take a school district back to court over whether their children should be bused to private schools.

On Tuesday, the Northridge Local School District timed one bus trip to a local private school.  Test drives to two other schools were scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

According to the state, public school districts are required to bus students who live in school districts to private schools that are less than 30 minutes away.

If a private school is more than 30 minutes away, school districts can opt not to transport the students.

Some parents said that Northridge failed to adhere to Ohio Department of Education standards when timing the routes.

“They started it at a time that was outside of ODE guidelines,” said parent Bill Jones. “Clearly, they picked a time that was the busiest and the most chaotic at the school, knowing that they were going to be delayed several minutes getting out of the parking lot.”

Jones said that the bus driver also drove well below the speed limit, possibility because the test was done during a fog alert.

State guidelines say that the rides must be conducted in fair weather.

“There was fog, I have to agree with that, and there also are rural roads that are 55 miles per hour, but not safe for a bus to run at 55 mph,” said district Treasurer Britt Lewis.

Lewis said that if any point the district failed to follow procedure, an ODE representative along on the ride would have stopped the test.

Parent Vlada Moore said that her husband’s passing left her family struggling to create normalcy and hoped that a possible busing change would not impact her life too much.

She said that she has no idea what she will do is her children cannot take a bus to Liberty Christian Academy.

“I am only one mom, a single mom, and I’m just driving, and this is more, more problems, and I don’t know what I can do with this problem,” Moore said.

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