Parents remember son's love for Blue Jackets by spreading his ashes near Nationwide Arena


COLUMBUS — Round two for the Columbus Blue Jackets is exciting, history-making and captivating. For one family, it's also a sense of closure.

"He'd been in heaven last year when [the Blue Jackets] made the playoffs," said Jhan Corzine. "He's even better this year in the second round of the playoffs."

Jhan and Joan Corzine just had to do it for their son before game three on Tuesday.

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"Holden was an Army vet," Jhan said. "He served in Afghanistan."

Holden Corzine was deployed to Afghanistan while serving with the U.S. Army in 2013.

Holden Corzine of Chillicothe served in the United States Army as an infantryman in the 10th Mountain Division. In 2013, he was deployed to Afghanistan.

In November of 2015, he was home and was honorably discharged In January of 2016.

In April of that same year, he took his own life. He was 29.

"He just loved the whole atmosphere up here and he loved the Blue Jackets even more than the Buckeyes," Jhan said.

Holden's parents say he was the biggest fan of the Blue Jackets. While in Afghanistan, a picture shows him supporting his team.

Now, with a second round playoffs appearance, the Corzines say it felt right.

"This is the first time we have scattered his ashes anywhere," Jhan said.

They chose to leave a little bit of their son in the places that brought him the most joy by sprinkling his ashes around the Arena District.

"We thought it'd be great if we took some of his ashes up today and scatter them at the R Bar," Jhan said. "[We] scattered some in front of the [Nationwide] Arena and, hopefully, it makes him happy and hopefully it helps him to push those goals in for the Blue Jackets."

To some, Tuesday night's game three 2-1 win simply meant a one-game Blue Jackets lead on the Bruins. To the Corzines, it meant a lot more.

"It makes me real peaceful and happy when we're up at a game because I know how much fun he had and he loved it," Joan said.