Parents: Kids Picked On Because Of Bed Bug Scare


Some Madison County parents say their kids are getting bullied and picked on for living in an apartment complex associated with a bed bug scare.

Two families living in the Westchester Apartments in West Jefferson recently had their units treated for a bed bug problem. Students who live in the complex attend Norwood Elementary.

School officials say a few weeks ago, a bed bug was found in the school's library, which has since been treated and is bug-free.

The district then sent out a letter to families of Norwood students living in the Westchester Apartments urging them to check their homes as a precaution.

Christina Smith said her apartment has never had a problem with bed bugs, but her first grader is now being bullied for living here.

“I think an intervention needs to be done, address a letter to the whole town not just the complex with kids in school, because it singles us out and then our kids get picked on because of it,” said Smith.

"I hope that isn't going on, but if it is, then certainly those parents need to contact the principal of that school and we will deal with it, because again, it's nobody's fault. And, it's understandable that people and everybody gets fearful when things like this happen,” said Bill Mullett, Jefferson Local Superintendent.

The superintendent says the letter was a way to inform and educate parents to prevent the problem from getting out of control.

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