Parents hear from Groveport Madison Schools following recent fight

Groveport Madison HS (WBSN-10TV)

GROVEPORT, Ohio - When the video hit social media last week showing a fight at Groveport Madison High School, so did the rumors.

A fight at the school on October 29 prompted a lockdown.

"We just want to bring the truth in what happened to the surface," Superintendent Garilee Ogden said.

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Odgen, as well as local law enforcement reps and school officials, addressed a room of about 100 parents on Thursday in an effort to be transparent, to let parents know their children are cared for and that safety is a top priority.

Ogden said the video was deceiving. Out of all the people seen on the video, only six of them were fighting. The rest, she said, were trying to stop it.

Ogden, breaking down the events of the fight by surveillance video and time stamps, said the situation lasted 90 seconds and the fight itself lasted 17 seconds.

Teachers and a school resource officer were there immediately and police responded in three minutes.

"It's made no sense," Shane Koogler said. "It's a joke to me. Everything they said was a joke."

Koogler has a daughter at Groveport Madison High School. He worries the presentation left some information out, including how certain guns, he says, were found.

Ogden addressed those rumors saying after an extensive search and interviews with students, none were found.

"No, I didn't get the answers and I guarantee if you probably asked 90 percent of the people in there, they didn't either," Koogler said.

"I mean, to be honest, I thought [the school] was trying to cover everything up at first," said David Neal who a sophomore at the school.

"But then, after hearing [the presentation], they kind of put everything out there."

Neal's mother, Andrea Greenwell, said the presentation helped to put her worries to rest.

"I'm feeling a lot better," she said. "It was a lot of information that I didn't have before."

She liked seeing the images that pinpointed how close teachers were to the fight when it started.

"It was definitely helpful to see where the teachers were because looking at the video on social media I didn't see any teachers," she said.

Ogden said she is happy with how the situation was handled and that no one was hurt.

"Don't forget, 1,820 kids were behaved that day and were safe," Ogden said.

Ogden said the students that were involved in the fight have been disciplined.

On top of school resource officers, counselors and security guards, Ogden wants to do more for safety.

She plans on starting a Safety and Security Council, a Crisis Response Team and a Student Advisory Council that will report directly to her.