Out of Bounds: High school basketball coach & trick shot master


We first heard about Tom Diehl of Bexley when we saw a YouTube video of him making trick shot after trick shot.

So with that in mind, we had to meet this 55-year-old phenom.

Tom is an assistant basketball coach at St. Charles High School and it is in that gym that his trick shot magic happens.

Tom has perfected making shots in every way possible.

Tom says it just comes to him, “I joke about it. I see the shot and I shoot it. You look at a wall or you look at an angle...I wonder if I can 'do that, or wonder if I can shoot through the rafters.' It just kind of comes upon me."

Tom says he loves doing the trick shots especially for his players. “I just spend so much time in the gymnasium shooting conventional shots,” Tom said, “after a while you get a little bored and you start throwing it off the wall and between your legs and it just sort of happens.”

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