OSU students team up with Apple to create app for first-year Buckeyes


COLUMBUS -- The Ohio State University teamed up with Apple to create an app that new students will use this Fall.

Four Buckeye students traveled to Apple's design lab to learn how to create the program.

It will be loaded onto iPads for many incoming students to adjust to college life.

It connects Buckeyes to services on campus and makes one of the largest schools in the country feel smaller.

"Ohio State is so big," said Cory Tressler, Director of Learning Programs at OSU. "We have so many resources. We offer so many programs, both academic and non-academic, through the Office of Student Life. We have six campuses. How can we make it feel a little bit smaller and get really relevant information to students a little faster?"

Right now, OSU is calling it "My OSU," but the designers have to go through an App Store review before they can make the name official.

Their goal is to roll out the app at the beginning of Fall orientation which begins in late May.