OSU Police Search For Man Exposing Himself On Campus Buses


OSU police are looking for your help in trying to track down a man they say has been exposing himself.  Police have received two reports of public indecency in the past week. They say the same man was involved in both acts on campus buses.

 “I saw that he was rubbing himself and continuing to do that for a few minutes,” said Madison Hartshorn, who witnessed one of the incidents.

 Hartshorn says the man was pleasuring himself as he sat next to her Tuesday night.  “I realized that he was trying to stare right down my shirt so that made me feel very uncomfortable,” she said.

Dawaylan Hall

 The OSU sophomore is trying to get back into a regular routine but says the situation was emotionally scarring.  "It's just been very stressful on top of school and everything,” Hartshorn said. "I felt completely violated because he stared at me the entire time."

 Another OSU student snapped a picture of the suspect on Friday. In the photo, parts of his genitals are exposed.  "He had a lot of holes in the right places in his pants. It was very uncomfortable,” said a student who did not want to be identified.

 She says the suspect approached her while she was in her seat.   "He put (his crotch) in my face and I didn't know what to do,” she said.

 She says she got off the bus and called police. "It's pretty upsetting to think that someone has to be harassed that way,” she said.

 OSU police say one way they are trying to catch the suspect is by making sure campus bus drivers are familiar with his picture.  "They will be watching out for this individual too and they have radio communication with us so they will be able to report quickly,” said Capt. David Rose with OSU police.

 Hartshorn hopes someone recognizes the suspect soon. She says he needs to be stopped before he does it again.   "I don't want other people to have to go through what I went through,” she said.

 Police say to be a good witness in a situation like this. Gather as much information as you can without putting yourself at risk and then contact the police.

OSU police have identified the suspect as 30-year-old Dawaylan Hall.   If you have any information on Hall, contact OSU police at 614-292-2121.

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