OSU Engineering Students Develop Hyperloop Concept For Fast Travel


Students from The Ohio State University Engineering College believe they have the plans that may change the way you travel.

They want to help inventors boost the 500 mph pace of airplanes to 760 mph Hyperloop travel.

The 15 students have been creating a concept and multiple prototypes that support Elon Musk's transportation system.

Musk, the founder behind PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla shared his vision for Hyperloop transportation patent-free with the world.

He called for brain power all over to put together concepts that could bring the Hyperloop System to life.

The OSU students were among hundreds of teams submitting ideas. They were among the finalists invited to Texas to pitch their prototype.

"I'm nervous and excited," OSU Engineering and Physics Student Amanda Belding said. "It's a big event, probably the biggest thing in my college career. It's very exciting. We're doing something innovative, possibly pushing ahead transportation as a whole. It is nerve-racking because we're talking to some very big companies; some very big names and we're competing against people all over the world, literally."

The team of 15 students was led by OSU Engineering leaders, like Capstone Program Director Bob Rhoads.

"It's really big, because you're talking about Elon Musk, the Tesla group, and the SpaceX Hyperloop -the new way of transporting people," Rhoads said.

Rhoads said more 300 universities submitted proposals back in autumn. Professional Engineering firms submitted proposals.

"It’s an amazing opportunity for students because they're not only comparing their design to national or U.S. universities, but also international and global universities," Rhoads said.

"This is our big moment. We're competeing against a lot of people. It's exciting, and nerve-racking!" said OSU Engineering and Physics Senior Amanda Belding.

Rhoads explained the engineering students organized themselves then approached OSU faculty for guidance.

"It is amazing that the students created something that furthers the new wave of transportation and their initiative is just amazing here," he said.

OSU Engineering Senior Adam Snow worked to finalize pitch materials Wednesday. "We're ready to go down to Texas and show them what we've got," Snow said.

The team spent the past five months brainstorming, formulating aerodynamic theories, printing 3-D models and revising.

They now pack and prepare for a flight to Texas where they will be among a few dozen teams who will present their research to SpaceX Hyperloop developers.

The possibility of meeting entrepreneur Elon Musk has created overwhelming excitement for Snow.

"He's always been like a huge role model for me, he's done so much in so many industries," Snow said. "He seems like this generation's Einstein. He is so innovative."

Improving the way you travel. OSU students want to help make it faster and expending less energy. The Ohio State College of Engineering is preparing to pitch their Hyperloop design to SpaceX leaders.

Posted by Laura Borchers on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Belding said it's not winning an award, not getting a job, not making our name big; the big dream is to leave an impact.

"If they took a small bit of our design; if they took just the air ejectors or just the fly wheel systems for the braking -even a small bit- to push transportation forward, we're making an impact on the future,” Belding said. “Maybe one day when we're old and we have grandkids we can point to the Hyperloop and say 'I designed part of that'."

The OSU students fly from Columbus Thursday morning. They will share their ideas Friday and learn Saturday whether a sponsor will fund their ideas into reality.