OSHP: Franklin County among top 2 counties in Ohio for commercial-involved crashes

Ohio State Highway Patrol says Franklin County is top two counties in Ohio with commercial involved accidents. 

On June 29, Bethany Hurt was driving on her way home from work on U.S. 33 at Post Road when she heard a strange noise.

"I — all of a sudden — hear this crunch and I look in my side mirror and I can see the semi coming over in my lane," Hurt said.

Hurt said she was hit by a truck.

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She said she spun out, hitting the front of her car on the cable barrier. She said she feels beyond lucky because she went across two lanes of traffic and no cars were coming.

Almost two months later, she's still recovering from a concussion and dealing with back pain and neck pain.

"It was not something that I thought about when I got in the car, it wasn't something I thought would happen to me," Hurt said.

The Union County Sheriff's Office responded to the crash and told 10TV in this situation, the truck driver was charged. However, that's not always the case. The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it's every driver's responsibility to stay safe.

According to OSHP, from 2016 to 2018, commercial vehicles were at fault in 57% of all commercial vehicle crashes.

However, in fatal crashes, the commercial vehicle was only at fault 29% of the time.

10TV rode along with trooper Isaac Saunders who says Franklin County is in the top two counties in Ohio for commercial-related crashes.

Trooper Isaac Saunders said it is important for drivers in cars to not follow too close to trucks and vice versa. He said it is also important to give enough space in between when changing lanes.

He said improper lane changing is one of the most common reasons cars and semi-trucks get into crashes with each other.

Saunders wants to remind all drivers as well that speed is a factor in preventing future crashes.