Organizers finish setting up for Buckeye Country Superfest with main focus on safety

Crews finish setting up for Buckeye Country Superfest tomorrow

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Production crews have been setting up for the Buckeye Country Superfest in the Ohio Stadium since last Wednesday while organizers put plans in place for safety.

Assistant Vice President for Business Advancement Mike Gatto said safety is their number one priority.

Organizers are expecting around 50,000 people to be in the stadium on Saturday for the concert. Several artists will be performing, such as George Strait and Blake Shelton.

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Production crews have been working to transform the football field to a concert venue since last Wednesday. The director of production says different vendors from all over the country come together to make this happen.

As for the safety aspect of the event, Gatto said this is the first time they will have walk-through metal detectors. He said to ensure people coming that safety measures are being taken, security officials will be scattered all over and belongings will be checked before walking in.

Bags and purses are not allowed in the stadium, but a small wristlet can be brought in.

A water bottle with the lid off can be brought in and filled at their refill station. However, drinks will need to be bought at the stadium.

Gatto says when it comes to drinks, he is confident in their public safety team to make sure those who are drinking alcohol are under control.

"We have a tremendous staff, tremendous team of public safety officials along with our event staff and security team," Gatto said.

The gates open at 1:00 p.m. Saturday.