'Operation Cabin Fever' nets 17 arrests for Franklin County Sheriff's Office


The Franklin County Sheriff's Office launched “Operation Cabin Fever” Wednesday morning in an effort to serve 51-felony arrest warrants in central Ohio. Within an hour of kicking off the felony roundup, deputies already had more than a half-dozen suspects in custody.

"We named this ‘Operation Cabin Fever’ because we decided to help our friends get out of the house on this wintry day. We didn't know mother nature was going to cooperate," said Major Steven Tucker.

At the sheriff's Emergency Operation Center, a team of supervisors oversaw the mission which included several teams of SWAT officers and undercover drug investigators serving felony warrants ranging from drug trafficking to drug possession to escape.

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10TV teamed up with a team of law enforcement officers who targeted more than a half dozen addresses in the Hilltop neighborhood in west Columbus.

Tucker said a typical roundup nets a 10-percent success rate. By early Wednesday afternoon, deputies had already arrested 17-out-of-51 wanted felons.

The sheriff's office said the majority of felony arrest warrants are drug-related and said the goal of “Operation Cabin Fever” is to make central Ohio neighborhood's safer and to help connect drug addicts with services and resources to help them get clean and stop committing crimes to fund their addiction.

"It is so important to get those people off the street. If they have an addiction, we want to get them into the system, so we can get them help. If they're trafficking in your neighborhood, we want to get them out of your neighborhood because you deserve to live in a safe neighborhood," said Major Tucker.

Operations Cabin Fever Arrests

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