This is only a drill: Columbus first responders prepare for disaster


A large-scale disaster drill played out at Mapfre Stadium, John Glenn Columbus International Airport and Otterbein University on Tuesday morning.

There were roughly 500 victims in total for the drill.

“This will probably at some point in time become as important as learning CPR and learning how to use DFIB and all that type. It's becoming that common,” said Wes Goudy who was acting as a victim at the drill.

Another reason for the drill participants said is terrorist attacks happening too often around the world.

“Ohio State University encountered the attack just a few months ago. We just need to make sure we are prepared not only to handle the massive amount of casualties that could happen but also our day to day operations. There are still patients with heart attacks and strokes and children that are ill in hospitals here that need to be taken care of,” said Sherri Kovach of Central Ohio Trauma System. She knows that it is now more important than ever before to be prepared.

A drill the size of the one Tuesday takes precise coordination with Columbus Police, EMS and fire.

"We've been preparing for these type of incidents now for over a year. We started training with the police department, CPD," said Assistant Fire Chief, Jim Cannell.

This is the first time they put that training into a hands-on scenario.

“I'm really happy with how it went. It was almost like we have been doing it for years,” said Cannell.

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