One dead after small plane crash in Clark County


CLARK COUNTY, Ohio -- One person was killed in a small plane crash near South Charleston, Ohio, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that the victim was 25-year-old Jordan Spier of Wilmington. He did not own the plane.

“Nobody actually witnessed the crash,” said Sgt. Richard Dixon, with the Highway Patrol. “We received some calls from motorists on Interstate 70 who seen the plane in the field and one person on Titus Road that seen the plane appear to dive to the left and disappear behind the trees.”

According to officials on scene, aircraft was a single engine, single seat, experimental plane that crashed into the ground.

“It impacted the ground at about a 45-degree angle just under the front nose,” said Sgt. Dixon. “It appears impact occurred at a pretty low speed. It wasn't any debris thrown anywhere. It was all contained. The plane hit the ground and pretty much stuck…didn't spin, twist, roll.”

“One of my troopers were on scene pretty quick, he attempted to perform CPR,” said Sgt. Dixon.

OSHP Officials were able to determine the aircraft was kept at a nearby residence on Titus Road.

“The tail number on the plane gives the information of who owns the vehicle and where it's stored and housed,” said Sgt. Dixon.

The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration will begin their investigation by assisting OSHP Monday morning.

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