Olentangy Schools Approves Redistricting


Nearly 600 Olentangy Local Schools students will be transferred to Heritage Elementary School next school year because of district growth.

District Superintendent Wade Lucas said that Heritage Elementary previously was a kindergarten school but will soon house kindergarten through fifth grade.

Lucas said that the district is expected to grow by more than 800 students each year, 10TV’s Jason Frazer reported.

“Redistricting is not something we like, but it’s something we do, and we do it because we’re somewhat a victim of our success,” Lucas said.

Parent Kendra Nicastro said her son is concerned about the change.

“He’s a reserved child,” Nicastro said. “Having to go to a new school with new teachers, new friends, that is something that I know he is going to be a little nervous about.”

Lucas said the district hoped the new plan would last for at least two to four years, Frazer reported.

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