Olentangy Local School District Accepts Resignation Of Teacher Accused Of Rape


Olentangy teacher Matthew Rausenberg is banned for life from Olentangy Schools and likely banned from ever teaching again.  That was the decision by the school board on Tuesday evening after they accepted his resignation, but put some conditions on it.

"This is the fastest way to completely separate him from Olentangy Schools," said Board President Kevin O'Brien.

After a little over an hour talking it over in executive session, the Olentangy School Board decided to accept Matthew Rausenberg's resignation.  "He was notified over the weekend that we were going to aggressively pursue termination action,"  O'Brien explained.

Board members and district leaders were briefed by the sheriff Saturday and given more details surrounding the investigation into Rausenberg, who's charged with rape and gross sexual imposition against two children.  This move saves time and money for the district.

"We wouldn't have to go through a protracted legal battle which could take months, if not years," said O'Brien.

The resignation comes with two conditions: to sure his license is revoked for life and he'll "never step foot on Olentangy soil," according to O'Brien.

"That shouldn't happen to anybody's children," said district parent Teri Uhlein.  She came to thank the board for taking swift action and to point out Rausenberg doesn't represent all Olentangy teachers.  "These are the acts of one, evil man.  I don't believe that anyone could have seen this coming."

O'Brien has four children in the district himself.  He thinks this is an important step toward the healing process.  "This has affected all of us, he's betrayed us all." 

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