OHSAA investigating after hockey player, parents claim nothing done amid racial slur use

(LiveBarn, WBNS)

Fights are part of hockey, but there's now an investigation into what sparked one at the end of the Olentangy Berlin High School game against Troy Saturday.

A player claims he was called a racial slur and nothing was done about it.

His parents, Jamie and Teresa Stevenson said this isn’t the first time a racial slur has been used against one of their sons in a hockey game. They want it recognized and they want change.

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“If there’s a way that the league can really put down some policy and make sure the first people in that line of defense have to be the referees, they’ve got to be equipped to do something, even if they don’t hear it,” said Jamie.

The OHSAA is investigating and said the coaches and referees said they didn’t hear it. They said it’s the policy for a player to be disqualified if such a comment is heard.

The Stevenson’s son was ejected from the game along with four Troy players, all for fighting.