Ohio's Concealed Carry Law Takes Effect


For the first time, Ohioans on Friday were allowed to carry concealed guns into bars and restaurants.

Some worry about the safety of allowing people to carry guns into places that serve alcohol, 10TV's AJ Smith reported.

"Alcohol and guns, I don't think mix." said Bernard Lamp, owner of Bernard's Tavern.

Those in favor of the law say alcohol is a non-issue.

"Because I step into an establishment that has a liquor license does not make me want to go nuts." said Linda Walker, central Ohio chair of the Buckeye Firearms Association.

The new law also removes the requirements that permit-holders -- driving a car or truck -- keep their guns in a holster, locked case or unlocked in plain sight.

It also includes a process so people who violated that requirement in the past can have the charges wiped off their criminal record.

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