Ohio's 1st high school for teens recovering from addiction opens in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Ohio — A high school dedicated to helping teens in recovery is preparing to welcome students for the upcoming school year.

When Heartland High School welcomes their first eight students, the school will become the first recovery high school in the state.

“I think one of the coolest things is we just meet kids where they’re at,” Principal Paige Stewart said.

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Stewart said as teens complete treatment, they need a safe and capable environment to offer support as they navigate recovery.

“When they re-enter that environment with the same people, they were using with the same stressors — its really, really hard to stay sober," she said.

The school days at Heartland not only start a little later but also allow time for one-on-one counseling and class work.

Stewart says donations have helped get the school up and running and have allowed the private school to offer students admission without tuition for the first two years.