Ohioians prepare for cheaper options to the EpiPen


A bill signed by Ohio Governor will soon make it easier for patients living with life threatening allergies to receive the potentially life saving epinephrine injectors.

House Bill 101 would allow pharmacists to substitute cheaper yet comparable alternatives of the EpiPen. The creators of the bill say it was a direct response the rising cost of the drug.

“We’re increasing the pharmacist scope just an inch to say they can make a brand to brand substitution,” Antonio Ciaccia with the Ohio Pharmacist Association said.

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“So long it’s the same drug, so long as they train the patient on how to use it and so long as the patient says the substitution is ok.”

Ciaccia says the bill also makes it easier for adults with life threatening allergies to get ahold of the drug.

“If you’ve already received a prescription for an EpiPen you no longer need to go back to the physician,” Ciaccia said.

“The pharmacist can reauthorize your prescription from 18 years of age all the way until you die.”

Ciaccia says advocates for pharmacists says when this bill goes into effect in April it will slowly create competition with Mylans EpiPen. The influx of competition will leave the drug maker no choice but to lower the price.

“We are somewhat of a pioneer and I do believe there are a lot states that have watched the passage and I think you will see a national wave hit where this will be replicated in a lot of states.”