Ohio University suspends all 15 Interfraternity Council organizations amid hazing concerns

Ohio University (WBNS / Drone 10)

ATHENS, Ohio — Ohio University has announced that it suspended all 15 Interfraternity Council organizations on its Athens campus amid concerns over hazing allegations.

The university said in a statement Thursday that the decision came about due to the growing concern "elevated by allegations of hazing against seven IFC chapters."

Students at the school said the rumblings spread like wildfire through social media, Thursday.

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“We didn’t know the differences from the truth and what was not,” Jimmy Mattioda said. “We’re all just so curious. We really didn’t know.”

Mattioda, Tyler Beattie and Joe Nespeca are all members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. As of Thursday, they and 14 other fraternities in the Interfraternity Council were suspended after concerns that involve hazing allegations. Mattioda says his fraternity does not haze.

“Not at all,” he said. “It’s in our constitution. If we did, we would get kicked off campus and never be back.”

In a letter to the IFC chapter presidents, the university said it received reports of hazing from a total of seven chapters.

“I do believe it’s unfair to suspend everybody,” Beattie said. “They only have seven fraternities they want to suspend, so to suspend everybody, all 15 of us, is kind of unfair.”

Nespeca says it isn’t right and those responsible need to stop giving Greek Life a black eye.

“You’re making us all look bad,” Nespeca said. “We got guys coming up, seeing they want to join these kinds of organizations and to take that away from the school like this, I think it’s going to really hurt the entire reputation.”

The 15 fraternities can no longer engage in chapter events, meetings or activities until further notice. Mattioda hopes this will be resolved soon because Greek Life on OU’s campus has much to offer.

“It is so much bigger than what they put on the news,” he said. “They don’t see all the academics we put in. They don’t see all the brotherhood, the organization, the reputations we get, the alumni connections they give us and all the support. We need to get this figured out as soon as possible because it is not OK. One bad seed does not ruin a whole pumpkin patch.”

In a statement from the school it says, “The swift action being taken in light of the allegations that have surfaced affirms Ohio University’s commitment to the health and safety of our students.”

It also wants anyone who has been subjected to, or witnessed hazing to report it, here.

10TV reached out to the Ohio University Interfraternity Council for a statement. In a reply, the council directed 10TV to the school communications and marketing staff.

One of the fraternities on campus, Sigma Pi, was expelled in the spring for hazing and other violations.

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