Ohio Teachers Get Hands-On Weapons Training


"I don't think you ever feel comfortable pointing a gun at a human being, but I feel competent," said Head. "I know that if that weapon is in my hands, pointed at an individual, it's to save the lives of others and that's what this training has done for me."

In wake of the Newtown tragedy, 1,300 Ohio teachers signed up to learn tactical maneuvers, so they could help take down a school gunman if necessary.

"We're not going to be firearm experts.  We're not going to be medical experts.  But we're a stand between before real help gets there," said Head.

The Buckeye Firearm Foundation paid $30,000 for 24 Ohio educators to attend the three-day class.

Besides shooting fundamentals, teachers learned how to stop an active killer in a school.

Deanna Lemaster, who teaches in a Columbus-area school, says it's difficult to watch the images of recent school violence and not want to do everything possible to protect the children.

"It's a real problem, and it's a real threat and it could happen anywhere,” said Lemaster.  “It could happen to me, it could happen to your child.  It could happen and it's going to happen again I'm sure.”

Lemaster says it's difficult to think about an attack on any school and the impact on the children.

"Would I have taken a bullet for them?  Absolutely. Would I rather have something to protect them and return them to their parents alive?  You bet," Lemaster said.

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