Ohio Task Force 1 stationed in the south to assist in Michael relief

Boats lay sunk and damaged at the Port St. Joe Marina, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018 in Port St. Joe, Fla. (Douglas R. Clifford/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

Hurricane Michael is being called one of the strongest most dangerous storms to hit the Florida panhandle.

While thousands are working to evacuate and leave their homes in the path of winds reaching 150 miles per hour, Ohio Task Force 1 is stationed in Alabama prepared to ride out the storm and offer aid to those in need.

“They have us staged at the base and we’re awaiting further orders as to where they are going to move us next depending where we are needed,” rescue specialist Adam Landis said.

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10TV spoke to Landis by phone as he awaited orders in Birmingham.

Landis says Hurricane Michael is his third mission. He says he headed west to help after Hurricane Harvey and just weeks ago was in the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence.

“We are primarily going to be going into areas that would be inaccessible by any other means but by boats to evacuate and rescue individuals that are in that situation.”

Landis says right now it's unclear where exactly his time may end up how long they will stay but they are once again ready to take on the unknown

“It is not like an everyday or a normal day in the firehouse, however, the training we’ve had and the previous deployments the guys have been on have done a really good job of preparing everybody for these types of situations.”