Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Re-Starts Lung Transplant Program


Doctors at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center performed their first lung transplant in four years.

OSU transplant surgeons Dr. Robert Higgins and Dr. Brian Whitson stopped by to see Rebecca Cason on Friday.  

Cason is the first patient at OSU to get a new set of lungs since the medical center re-started its lung transplant program earlier this year. She was at work when she got the call that new lungs were available.

"I had put the Ohio State fight song on two of my ringtones,” said Cason.

The surgery took four hours, and Dr. Higgins says Rebecca did well.

Now, the team hopes to perform ten to 15 lung transplants during the first year of the program.

That's provided that donor lungs become available. He says a lung transplant can transform a life.

"If you've ever been breathless, when you're out of breath going up and down a pair of stairs - well if you can imagine doing that in every part of your day. Giving people the chance to breathe, and feel comfortable in their breathing, and as you'll see, it's a remarkable feeling,” said Higgins, OSU Wexner Lung Transplant Surgeon.

Rebecca hopes to be released from the hospital on Monday, and she will then spend several weeks recuperating in a convalescent center before returning home to her husband.

She was at work when she got the call that new lungs were available one week ago.