Ohio State Medical Students Use "Die-In" To Highlight Racial Disparity Issues


Students at more than 70 medical schools across the country, including Ohio State, participated in a protest at noon on Wednesday.

It was called "white coat die-ins" and participants say it was in protest to the recent police involved deaths in Ferguson and New York City and to highlight issues of racial disparities.

Just after noon Wednesday, roughly 20 medical students quietly walked out of Ohio State's Prior Health Sciences Library, crossed 10th Avenue and joined other medical students nationwide who were staging "die-ins" at the same time.  They held signs that read "white coats for black lives" or "black lives matter" they stayed there, quietly, for roughly 20 minutes.

"It's really bringing awareness to police brutality that we are seeing across the country, but also the racial disparities that we see outside of the justice system also in medicine,” said first-year medical student Jackie Mostow

The protestors say they have a responsibility to advocate for the health of those who they say the encounters increased stress because they battle injustice and oppression on a daily basis.

“The racial bias and discrimination is not only an issue of our justice system.  It can also be considered a public health crisis,” said second-year medical student Suman Gupta

It was a concern echoed by other medical students, who protested at the University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine.  10TV obtained a picture which showed students at Indiana University's School of Medicine participating in a "die-in."

The students who participated say they hope the series of protests will encourage people to talk about racial bias.

"Just raising awareness and the more people know about an issue, and get involved with an issue, the more likely we are going to move towards coming out with some solutions,” said Gupta

The demonstration was student lead and organized by the group "Physicians for a National Health Program."  Organizers say it was planned for Wednesday because it was International Human Rights Day.