Ohio State Highway Patrol steps in to help deliver Meals on Wheels


LifeCare Alliance, which operates Meals on Wheels, says there is an increase in demand right now but there are fewer volunteers.

One of those people who depends on the program is 62-year-old Carl Dillon. He had back surgery a couple of weeks ago and isn't able to get out on his own to get groceries.

“It's nice. I'm cooped up in here all day. It's nice even to say hi to someone,” Dillon said.

Chuck Gehring of LifeCare Alliance said they are up to about 2,200 meals daily.

"Some people can't go to the store or they are afraid to go to the grocery store,” Gehring said.

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While they are delivering more, they have fewer volunteers. Many of their regular volunteers fall into the vulnerable category for COVID-19.

“We have a number of elderly or medically challenged individuals who normally deliver meals. They've had to take themselves out,” Gehring said.

Groups like the Ohio State Highway Patrol are stepping in.

“With the pandemic and the shutdowns and everything else, the increased need for the Meals on Wheels, the increasing clients receiving it and the decreasing amount of volunteers that are able to deliver those meals was a perfect opportunity for us to be able to step in,” Lieutenant Robert Curry said.

Recipients like Dillon are thankful for their service.

“I'm glad he's delivering something instead of a warrant or something,” Dillon said.

If you are in need of service, contact LifeCare Alliance at 614-278-3130 or if you want to volunteer, call 614-444-6325. You can also get more information on their website.

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