Ohio State basketball celebrating wins the Scoonie way


The Ohio State Men's Basketball Team has had some huge wins this season.

After each win, the players have celebrated in the locker room led by Buckeye great Scoonie Penn.

Scoonie has led the team after each win singing his version of the Ohio State Fight Song.

This new tradition was started by Head Coach Chris Holtmann.

“Scoonie has taken it to a whole new level and adapted it and kind of made it his own.” Holtmann said. “And it has been great to see. Our guys have really embraced it."

Scoonie is the Director of Player Development with the Buckeyes but the thing he enjoys the most, celebrating wins the Scoonie way.

“We have a song that we sing. Our honor defends, we fight to the end for Ohio.” Penn said. “But I add a little flavor to it, a little more enthusiastic, a little more jumping around."

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