Ohio Parole Board recommends clemency for Columbus man convicted of crimes 30 years ago


The Ohio Parole Board has recommended clemency from Governor Mike DeWine for a Columbus man who was convicted of charges 30 years ago.

The board voted six to one to recommend clemency in the form of a pardon for 62-year-old Mickey Tate.

In 1989, Tate was convicted of attempted drug abuse and concealed weapon charges. Since then, he has completed drug treatment and probation and has been described by others as a model citizen.

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According to Tate, the convictions have prevented him from getting security jobs with the state, city and school district.

The members of the Parole Board who voted in favor of clemency cited Tate’s community service and support from the community, including Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien and State Representative Jim Hughes. Members also said though he has traffic tickets, those did not outweigh his positive strides.

One member not in favor of the recommendation referred to instances including Tate’s contact with law enforcement, previous violations and the nature of the crimes he was convicted of.

The recommendation now goes before DeWine for a decision.